We are eagerly looking for the feedback on the performance of our service from our esteemed followers using the online questionnaire at the bottom of this page (It will take you less than five minutes)

Greetings: Hello Dear esteemed followers and contributors

How are you doing? How are things going on with you? We hope this message will find you in a good health. Today, we want your feedback/suggestions on the service we are providing through our blog (The African Academic researcher).

The immediate question that comes from policy makers and officials is how beneficial is your service/blog? How many individuals have benefited from your blog so far? Is there a possibility to arrange a session where the beneficiaries can witness about the opportunities and the potential benefits that is derived from this blog and many more questions can be asked?

The one and the only one answer to these questions the feedback that we get from our esteemed followers or those who start to benefit from our blog. You are our ambassadors to help us improve our service to be more client or customer oriented. It is difficult for us to know who is benefiting from our service (who applied and who got accepted for his application).

Hence, we kindly request each of you to write all the benefits/opportunities you gained through our blog in the comment box (at the bottom of the page) or possibly, you can send to our emails, you can find our emails in the contact button (at the top of the page). This has two-fold importance, one we will be able to know what is going and the aforementioned questions will be answered either partly or fully. Moreover, it will also help us to work harder and systematically than ever before. Second, words of mouth are among the least cost means of promotion and when you report your achievements from the service we provide, others will develop the courage to follow and benefit from our blog because “seeing is believing”. Please find the link for the online questionnaire at the bottom of this page and we kindly request you to fill it.

We did it because we do care about you. In the same fashion, you should also care about others, your colleagues and friends and let them benefit from the service we provide. At least try to tell to one person that you care about and if it goes this way then it will be possible to make everyone beneficiary from our service and thereby enhance the capacity of our staff members and beyond as our scope is to benefit academicians and researchers in developing countries.

Thank you all for taking time to read this long message and forwarding your feedback!!!

N.B: I have seen some of you have filled the online questionnaire, however, neither did I include questions that deals with name, organization, and email address nor did I provided my email address as a result it became difficult for me to reach to those of you who filled the online question immediately after I posted it (one of them replied that he got job opportunity and the other replied that he got Scholarship Opportunity). Therefore, I kindly request every follower (those who already filled and those who did not) to fill this modified online questionnaire. Please find here the link for the online questionnaire. Tailored academic and research opportunities for Researchers and Academicians in Developing Countries – Google Forms   

Author: African Academic/Researcher

Science and Research by Africans for Africa

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