Tailored Opportunities: Essential Grant Writing Skills Workshop Series for Women Scientists in Sub-Saharan Africa


The Africa Research Excellence Fund (AREF) works to support a diverse community of scientists across Africa, this call is specifically open for women researchers. AREF welcomes applications for this Workshop from female researchers who are actively working on challenges to human health and are trained and experienced in one or more of the following disciplines: biomedicine; physiology and pharmacology; clinical sciences; epidemiology; mathematics and statistics; environmental health; “one health” (veterinary science); behavioural, social and economic sciences; and health policy and systems research. To ensure diversity, inclusivity and equity across research organizations, a maximum of two participants will be selected for any one employing institution.


  • For an applicant to be eligible for this opportunity should fulfil the following requirements.
  • She is a citizen of a country in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • She has been either awarded a research doctorate (PhD/DPhil/MD) from a recognized academic institution within the previous 6 years. i.e. awarded on or after 1 January 2015 or a medical/clinical qualification plus a research-relevant Master’s degree awarded within the previous 6 years.
  • She is currently employed in Sub-Saharan Africa by a recognised university and/or specialist research institution.
  • She has not participated already in equivalent proposal development / grant-writing training.


Deadline is 08 July 2021 16:00 hours BST & result will be announced by 4 August 2021

The workshop will be held 13 to 17 September 2021 and 18 October to 20 October 2021


To apply, please click on this link to download the Application Form. Send the Form and accompanying documents to aref@aref-africa.org.uk

Your application will be assessed using the following kinds of evidence:

  • Your research experience, outputs and other achievements as an emerging researcher up to now. How you will use the training to achieve your personal vision for your development as a scientist who can address key health challenges important to Sub-Saharan Africa. How you will “cascade”, i.e. to pass on, the knowledge and skills you have gained from the workshop. Practical support committed by your sponsor(s) or mentor(s). Good English command.


Participants will be provided with appropriate learning materials including preparatory exercises before the first session and between sessions. Each session will be delivered through Zoom or an equivalent platform. Participants will work in on-line groups and subgroups. This is an intensive and interactive programme that is designed to produce tangible progress towards a grant proposal by the end of the workshop series. 


If you have any enquiries, contact AREF via aref@aref-africa.org.uk 

Discover more: https://www.africaresearchexcellencefund.org.uk/essential-grant-writing-skills-workshop-series-for-women-scientists

Author: African Academic/Researcher

Science and Research by Africans for Africa

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