Call for podcast and Twitter Poster Conference at iLEAPS Early Career Scientists Network


Integrated Land Ecosystem Atmosphere Process study (iLEAPS) is Early Career Scientists Network. Special iLEAPS Africa month would like to invite applicants to give a podcast interview or to present a poster on the twitter poster conference day.

Sign up form on the iLEAPS website is here and if you sign up you can be contacted about all future events.

Here are the details about both events:


The Network invites scientists to have a discussion about their research, a list of questions that will be provided before and then it’s just a case of chatting with one of the iLEAPS committee team about the work you are doing to create the podcast. It is a relaxed discussion and will be pre-recorded so you have the opportunity to listen to the podcast too. The podcast will be shared on the iLEAPS website for the wider community to listen too. The discussion can be set up at a date convenient to you during October and November. 

Poster conference

This will be hosted on twitter. Early career scientists are invited to upload their poster onto twitter on the 26th November.

Here is the link:


Applicant should be early career scientists whose work is related to biosphere-atmosphere interactions


November 26, 2020


The posters will then be judged, and a small prize awarded for the best poster. It gives chance for early careers scientist to connect with the wider iLEAPS audience.

We also have a Facebook page

Twitter account

Please let me know if you would be interested in either event and we are happy to answer any questions about iLEAPS that you may have.

Please forward to other researchers who you think may be interested in joining ileaps.

Author: African Academic/Researcher

Science and Research by Africans for Africa

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