Tailored opportunities: PhD Student in Food Technology, Safety and Health at Ghent University


For the research project ‘Food Nutrition Security Cloud ’ starting from 1st of January 2020 we are looking for an active, critical and competent Ph.D student with a strong affinity total diet studies in chemical food safety for a time period of 6 months Project FNS Cloud : FNS Cloud is a 4-years running project, funded by Horizon2020 European Commission. FNS-Cloud will overcome fragmentation problems by integrating existing FNS data, which is essential for highend, pan-European FNS (=food nutrition security) research, addressing FNS, diet, health, and consumer behaviours as well as on sustainable agriculture and the bio-economy. Current fragmented FNS resources not only result in knowledge gaps that inhibit public health and agricultural policy, and the food industry from developing effective solutions, making production sustainable and consumption healthier, but also do not enable exploitation of FNS knowledge for the benefit of European citizens. FNS-Cloud will, through three Demonstrators; Agri-Food, Nutrition & Lifestyle and NCDs & the Microbiome to facilitate: (1) Analyses of regional and country-specific differences in diet including nutrition, (epi)genetics, microbiota, consumer behaviours, culture and lifestyle and their effects on health (obesity, NCDs, ethnic and traditional foods), which are essential for public health and agri-food and health policies; (2) Improved understanding agricultural differences within Europe and what these means in terms of creating a sustainable, resilient food systems for healthy diets; and (3) Clear definitions of boundaries and how these affect the compositions of foods and consumer choices and, ultimately, personal and public health in the future.


Profile: recently graduated Master in Chemistry / Food Technology / Food Science / Pharmaceutical sciences – with high affinity for scientific research in chemical risk assessment and total diet studies in food safety


Last application date Dec 02, 2019 12:02


To apply Please contact Prof. Liesbeth Jacxsens (liesbeth.jacxsens@ugent.be) – CV and motivation letter to send over to liesbeth.jacxsens@ugent.be

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