Tailored Opportunities: Call for PhD Visiting Fellowship 2020 in Aalborg University, Denmark.


AfricaLics – the African Network for Economics of Learning, Innovation and Competence Building Systems is looking for suitable PhD student candidates from universities in African countries to participate in the AfricaLics PhD Visiting Fellowship Programme focused on Innovation and Development. The programme allows successful candidates a study period of five month based at the Department of Political Science, Faculty of Social Science, Aalborg University, Denmark.

The aim of the visiting fellowship programme and the scholarships is to help African PhD students working in the field of Innovation and Development to strengthen their academic/research qualifications; improve quality of their dissertations and prepare for a career in innovation and development either within academia or outside (e.g. in the private sector or in government/policy making). A maximum of five visiting scholarships are available for 2019.


Applicants must be enrolled as PhD students at African universities and must have completed their first year of PhD studies by July 2020. The visiting scholarship is complementary to the studies of the PhD students and applicants must already have secured basic funding for their PhD studies from other sources (e.g. African governments, other organisations, self-financing).


The deadline of this application is 12 December 2019. Successful candidates will be notified by 1st February 2020, following which they will be required to confirm their interest (sign study agreement form) and apply for residence and work permit in Denmark


Please use the application form when you submit your application. You can download the form through this link Applications with all relevant attachments should be forwarded to visitingphd@africalics.org by 12th December 2019 (COB). Applications not fulfilling the requirements above will not be considered, so please forward any questions you may have to visitingphd@africalics.org and you will be assisted


The visiting scholars will receive a stipend of 16,000 DKK per month (equivalent to app. 2140 USD as per September 2020). This includes funds for accommodation. Tax exemption has to be applied for after the candidates arrive and cannot be guaranteed, so it is advisable to bring extra funds for the first two months of the visiting fellowship

Author: African Academic/Researcher

Science and Research by Africans for Africa

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