Tailored opportunities: CAS-TWAS PhD Scholarship 2020 CAS-TWAS President’s Fellowship


The CAS-TWAS Chinese Scholarship 2020 2020 provides financial support to aspiring individuals from the fields of science and technology, who are aiming for doctorate degrees in China. The Scholarship is designed to provide financial support to successful applicants for their doctorate degrees in China for up to four full academic years.


In order to be eligible for the CAS-TWAS President’s scholarship 2020, aspiring individuals should meet these conditions:

  1. As of 31st of December, 2020, the applicant may not be older than 35.
  2. Applicants must not have a Chinese nationality at the submission of the CAS-TWAS Chinese Scholarship 2020 Program application.
  3. All applicants must ensure that they meet the terms and requirements of admission of USTC or UCAS, wherever they wish to study.
  4. All applicants should hold a Master’s academic degree prior to the 1st of September, 2020.
  5. All applicants should provide proof of knowledge of either Chinese or English.
  6. All applicants will be required to provide evidence that each person will return to his or her home country upon completion of their programs in China.
  7. During the CAS-TWAS Chinese Scholarship 2020 Program, recipients of the fellowship may not take any additional assignments.
  8. If an individual is already pursuing a doctorate program in China, then he or she will not be able to apply to this fellowship.
  9. Applicants may not send applications to both USTC and UCAS at the same time for the fellowship.
  10. Each applicant must apply only to one supervisor at a specific school, either USTC or UCAS.


The application process for the CAS-TWAS fellowship officially opened on the November 8th, 2019, and will remain open through to March 31st, 2020.


The following documents are required by the CAS-TWAS Chinese Scholarship 2020 Program:

  1. Reference Letters:Each applicant has to provide two letters of reference that have been written by referees who personally know the applicant and his or her work. The host supervisor may not be one of the two referees. It is preferred that the referees are also TWAS members, although this isn’t a requirement. The letters of recommendation need to be scanned as well as uploaded along with the online application. In addition, a hard copy of the letters has to be sent to USTC or UCAS prior to the deadline. These letters should not be pasted within an email. Applicants will not be given any indication regarding the identity of TWAS members by TWAS. Applicants can only contact them for letters of recommendation if they know them personally. The referees will also be required to scan the letters of recommendation and upload them, as well as mail hard copies to the USTC or UCAS sub-offices.
  2. Referees’ and Supervisor’s Acceptance Letter:
    All applicants need to remind their supervisors to fill out the comment section of the supervisor and add their signature on the CAS-TWAS application form at their end. This document has to be sent to USTC or UCAS before the deadline. Individuals who are applying to UCAS also have to send hard copies of this form to the respect UCAS affiliated institution or college where the student will be going.
  3. Acceptance Letter Form Scan:
    Individuals who are applying to USTC have to ask their supervisors to send a scan of the form via email to presidentfellow@ustc.edu.cn. A hard copy can also be sent to the institute’s Office of International Cooperation. Applicants are also responsible for sending reminders to their referees that they have to scan the reference letters and upload them as well. These documents also have to be posted to the USTC or UCAS sub-offices as well. All applicants also have to ensure that they submit all required documents that provide evidence of the details filled out by the applicant in the application form. It is important for these documents to be in Chinese or in English. If the documents are in some other language, then they have to be translated and notarized. When electronic versions of the documents are being uploaded, applicants should make sure that they adhere to the formatting specifications of the system.
  4. Sending Hard Copy of Scanned Documents:If an applicant is successful and awarded with the CAS-TWAS Chinese Scholarship 2020 Program and gets an acceptance to USTC or UCAS institutes, then he or she has to submit hard copies of the original documents that were submitted online earlier. In addition, the passport of the applicant also has to be given to the CAS-TWAS Chinese Scholarship 2020 Program office once the individual reaches China. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.

More details on this opportunity are available here.

Author: African Academic/Researcher

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