There is nothing better more than seeing the seminar participants/ blog followers describing the content of the presentation better than the seminar presenter/ owner of the blog.



Team of Researchers from Institute of Environment, Gender and Development  

“The African Academic/Researcher” Tailored Opportunities

Mekelle University Main Campus, June 29 , 2019


The IEGDS seminar series 9 emphasized on Africa academic/ researcher –tailored opportunities for the purpose building the professional capacity of the academic staff using such initiatives that gives easy access to several opportunities of scholarship, conference, project and research grants. The seminar was presented by Dr. Dawit G/Egiziabiher who is one of the co-founders of Africa academic/researcher blog.

Brief summary of the initiative The Africa Academic/ researcher initiative started by Dr. Mulubrhan Balehegn and Dr. Dawit G/Egziabher. Their guiding principle for their initiative is “What are you doing for others?” This principle, as to their view, will break the capitalism culture in academia that only centres and promotes individual interest. Since the world merits competition, ample opportunities are made available on the internet. But they are very detailed, general and not easily comprehended. The founders therefore invested their time looking for any academic opportunities, summed it up, post it on their blog and readily to be used by academicians and researchers. They believed this saved the time and energy of the users that wondered here and there on the internet to get opportunities that fitted his/her profession.

So, what is the process to tailor opportunities?

After reading the call whether it is important for academician or researcher, it will be tailored by the following criteria: What the opportunity is about? Who is/are the target person for it?  When is the due date/deadline,  How is the application made through email/online,  Benefits that could be obtained from this opportunity and Placing the link of the original call. This is done only in one page.

How do the interested individual access such opportunities? Google “Africa academic/researcher- Tailored opportunities” Enter email address on the right side of the page in the black column The opportunities started to come into your email  If the call is not for you, Please SHARE to those who need it


The call for the seminar was published for all academic staff who were interested. However 9 participants were able to attend.

Future plan

IEGDS-Gender Advocacy Unit plan to do the same work but specifically to gender related opportunities. And we also discussed with Dr. Dawit to work together for the future on gender related projects and researches.

Dear Dr. Kahsa, Miss Tsigereda, and Miss Selam from Institute of Environment, Gender and Development studies (IEGDS have played vital role for the realization of this seminar. Thank you so much for taking time to organize this seminar. I wish you and your insitute all the best.

Tsigereda, I can confirm you that, you are the first to write such an informative report out of the six similar seminars I delivered this year. I hope others will be motivated to write their own by basing yours and I promise to keep on posting their reports in this blog. Looking forward to hearing from those of you who attended or organized the seminars I delivered on “The African Academic/Researcher” Tailored Opportunities, related issues.

Dear Followers our blog Final reminder, please try to share you achivements, certificates of ouline courses, attending short trainings, selected or reserved for scholarship, and anyother things. It is our salary to work much better than before, and encouragement for others to follow our blog and start to benefit like what you did.

Please do it if you really care about the service we are providing to you and others.

Author: African Academic/Researcher

Science and Research by Africans for Africa

2 thoughts on “There is nothing better more than seeing the seminar participants/ blog followers describing the content of the presentation better than the seminar presenter/ owner of the blog.”

  1. Thank you #Dave i am proud of you. When i remember all the harsh times we spent; i got proud of myself and my friends like you. This is a good initiative, we all been happy since the day you presented your work in our campus. I am also very grateful of Dr. Mulubrhan; he was my instructor in my first year@MU. Aboveall, i like his hand writing; I am not kidding/___/

    1. Thank you my Brother
      I am glad to hear that the briefing I made in you campus is used as an eye opening opportunity for you guys. I am happy and willing to provide similar seminar whenever needed. Thank for the Higher Officials of Axum University for organizing the seminar.
      The African Academic/Researcher

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