Tailored Opportunities: Training on Measuring Ecosystem Services and Essential Biodiversity Variables in Kigali, Rwanda


The course is designed to build capacity of researchers in the area of measuring and quantifying of ecosystem services and essential biodiversity variables. The course will be given by experts who have ample experience and knowledge in the field and will engage on translating biodiversity related data that are openly available into concrete information. They will also deal with the perspectives on pollution, medicinal plants, carbon cycling and remote sensing and more. The final phase of the course will include a networking meeting with local and regional governmental agencies and policy-makers to discuss biodiversity policy and management.


Owing to constraints of the funding that is making this course possible, this course is only open to an 8-country subset of East Africa participants (researchers, students, technicians, planners, managers, and other interested persons), approximately 6-8 applicants from outside Rwanda will be selected to participate in the training course.


The deadline is July 1 2019

The course will take place 16 September – 26 September, 2019, in Kigali, Rwanda in partnership with the Center of Excellence in Biodiversity and Natural Resource Management (CoEB) at University of Rwanda.


Application is made through online


Thanks to the supports made from the JRS Biodiversity Foundation, participation in the course will be free to all participants chosen. Transportation costs will be covered, and meals will be provided during training sessions; per diems will not be provided, in light of all relevant expenses being covered.

For more information please visit this link: http://biodiversity-informatics-training.org/training-courses/2019-measuring-ecosystem-services/

If you need any support in making an application, post your question in the comment box below. If you would like to receive similar opportunities regularly, please follow this blog by inserting your email in the follow box at the top right side of this page.

Note: Please do not forget to document your achievement through this opportunity (either using our email address or in the comment box/under feedback/evaluation post

Author: African Academic/Researcher

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