Enhancing capacity of young researchers through “Tailored Opportunities” briefing seminar at Mekelle University

Tailored academic and research opportunities for Researchers and Academicians in Developing Countries

Posted on July 31, 2017 by African Academic/Researcher

For an academic and a researcher in developing countries, accessing timely and relevant opportunities and being able to act on them is not only important for successful career development, but also for survival in today’s highly competitive sector. The internet provides excellent opportunities, but unfortunately, most of the resources available are in their generic form making it difficult for individuals to decide on whether a certain resource or call is relevant or not. As a result, many academics spend their precious time checking and reading resources that are neither relevant nor important, making many to abandon searching at all and fail to benefit from the tremendous resources that the net can benefit.

Recognizing the increase in number of people in the academic and research profession, and that most online resources are generic and not tailored, myself (Dawit Gebregziabher)  and my colleague (Mulubrhan Balehegn)  have now started to periodically post tailor made resources that would allow anyone to decide on whether to pursue a certain resource or not within seconds. We will provide resources on the following;

  • Scholarships (BSc/ BA, MSC/MA, PhD,  Postdoc), Short term professional training, meetings etc
  • Internships and professional attachments, International and local consultancies
  • Other funds (bursaries, research funds, travel grants), Call for conference papers
  • Call for joining international research teams, Free online academic and research resources and many more

Besides to providing these resources, we will personally coach and direct applicants who are interested in applying to any of the resources we will list or to any other resource available anywhere.

For periodical and tailored academic and research resources, please follow this blog by clicking the follow button on the upper right side of this blog.

For each type of call we will provide short descriptions of what kind of resource it is (e.g whether it is a scholarship, travel grant etc, and how much is the benefit), who is it targeting and how to make applications.


Enhancing capacity of young researchers through “Tailored Opportunities”

 As some of you might recall it, we (Dr.Mulubrhan and myself) have started posting “Tailored Opportunities” since July 2017 towards achieving the objective mentioned in the previous page. So far, we have posted a total of more than 200 opportunities. Sometime last year (2018), we had posted on a daily basis continuously for four months. However, it was not possible to continue posting in the same fashion for prolonged time. It was because of the time consuming nature of the service/task.

As a result, we have realized that it is important to increase the number of contributors, who can help us with the task/service. Moreover, it is also possible to be both contributor and member or only member. For this reason, we want to have a two hours briefing or awareness creation about the “Tailored Opportunities”.

Therefore, we invite all staff members especially the young academicians/researchers to attend the event.

Speaker for the event: Dr.Mulubrhan Balehegn

Venue: College of Dryland Agriculture and Natural Resources, Meeting Hall

Date and time: Thursday, 21-02-2019 @ 10:00 Am (4:00 Local time in the morning)


Thank you for coming!





Author: African Academic/Researcher

Science and Research by Africans for Africa

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