Tailored opportunities: Call for research proposals: Swedish Research Council/Sida: Project Grant on Sustainability and Resilience


Applications are open for Research Project Grant to give researchers the freedom to formulate by themselves the research concept, method and implementation, and to solve a specific research task within a limited period.

This grant is funded jointly by the Swedish Research Council and Sida through the Swedish Government’s development aid funds, and by Formas’ and Forte’s research appropriations. The research shall be relevant to poverty reduction and for sustainable development in low-income countries.


The aims of the call are to:

  • strengthen Swedish research within the area of sustainability and resilience in relation to climate and environmental changes from a poverty perspective. Here, democracy, welfare, conflicts, human rights and gender equality may be important aspects of particular relevance to the fight against poverty and for sustainable development, focusing primarily on low income countries and regions
  • contribute to capacity building within research in low income countries and lower middle income countries
  • strengthen the capacity among junior researchers within the area at Swedish HEIs
  • increase the collaboration between researchers in Sweden and researchers in low income and lower middle income countries


  • This call is for research project grants within Development Research, with focus on “Sustainability and resilience – Tackling consequences of climate and environmental changes” with relevance to low income countries.
  • The applicant for a research project grant must be an individual researcher.
  • Applicants will be the project leader and have scientific responsibility for the project, and their level of activity in the project must be no less than 20 per cent of a full-time equivalent.
  • Applicants must hold a Swedish doctoral degree or a corresponding foreign degree, awarded no later than the deadline for this call. The degree award date we use is the date you fulfilled all the criteria for a doctoral degree, such as mandatory courses, oral defence and an approved doctoral thesis. For applicants with Swedish doctoral degrees, the award date listed in Ladok applies.


Deadline for application is 8 May 2018 (14.00/2 p.m.)


For detailed application process, please visit this page.


Author: African Academic/Researcher

Science and Research by Africans for Africa

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