Tailored opportunities: Post doc position: Develop methods for assessments of forest conservation values-Sweden


At the Department of Ecology we work with research and teaching related to how forest and land should be managed without threatening biodiversity and ecosystem services. Accurate and efficient methods to identify areas of high and low conservation values are a prerequisite for developing a sustainable forestry. For practical and economic reasons, conservation value is by necessity most often assessed by indicators based on diversity and abundance of structural elements rather than direct inventories of the species of interests. With the aim of improving the methods currently used for assessing forest conservation values, we now recruit a person for analysing the relationships between the diversity of forest structural elements and the occurrence of species of conservation interest.

The work consists of two main parts. The first part consists of analyzes of detailed field data on availability and diversity of forest structural elements and occurrences and abundances of species of conservational interest. The successful candidate will evaluate the relationships between the diversity of structural elements and species in different forest types, landscape settings, and geographical areas. The second part is to conduct a review over what types of indicators that are used to assess forest conservation values, aiming to clarify the empirical support for methods applied. You are expected to participate in developing the project and planning the studies, to independently coordinate the practical work, analyze collected data, and to write scientific publications.


Applicants must hold a PhD in ecology or a comparable subject. The applicant should have documented knowledge in population, community ecology, or conservation biology. Experience from research on forest conservation and biodiversity are meriting, as are previous experience from systematic literature reviews. Good knowledge of statistical modelling and geographical information systems is highly valued. You should have documented skills in scientific writing. Excellent skills in written and oral communication in English is a requirement. Important are also personal qualities, such as ability to cooperate, being flexible and outgoing, positively contributing to the development of the research group and ability to work independently.

As postdoctoral appointments are career-developing positions for junior researchers, we are firstly looking for candidates with a doctoral degree that is three years old at most. This is, however, not a strict requirement.


Deadline for application 1 April 2018


Submit the following documents: CV including list of publications (maximum 5 publications), a description of previous research (maximum two pages), description of current work and the work that you would like to conduct within the position (maximum one page), name and address to at least two reference persons. We may ask you to send you PhD thesis at a later stage.

For detailed information on this opportunity and on application visit this page.

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