Tailored opportunities: Call for papers 2018 International Tech4Dev Conference


The Tech4Dev Conference is the biennial flagship event of the UNESCO Chair in Technologies for Development hosted by Cooperation & Development Center (CODEV) at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland . The Conference focuses on the potential of technology solutions to advance inclusive social and economic development in the Global South. Tech4Dev 2018 puts the challenges and the potential of the Global South in the center of discussions reflected by its title Voices of the Global South.  Accepted presenters will be fully funded and their accepted papers Papers  might be selected for submission to the Journal of Development Engineering (Elsevier) or for the Tech4Dev Conference Open Access Publication (most likely with Springer).

Tech4Dev provides an opportunity to:

  • Present your research at a unique multidisciplinary Conference focused on innovative technology for social impact in the Global South.
  • Network across disciplines and fields of technology, to promote the development, deployment, adaptation, and scaling of new solutions for the Global South.
  • Identify opportunities for collaboration with diverse stakeholders – academics, students, engineers, entrepreneurs, policymakers, practitioners, and social scientists- interested in technological innovation in the Global South.
  • Participate in the fabulous social event of the conference that will take place in the Lavaux Vineyards, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Build capacity among students and young professionals to engage in multidisciplinary problem solving for social impact.Network across disciplines and fields of technology, to promote the development, deployment, adaptation, and scaling of new solutions for the Global South.

The Conference’s focus in centered around the following Core Thematic Areas and Crosscutting Themes:

  Core Thematic AreasTechnologies for Humanitarian Action
  1. Medical Technologies
  2. Science and Technology for Disaster Risk Reduction
  3. Technologies for Sustainable Access to Energy
  4. ICT for Development
  5. Technologies for Sustainable Habitat and Cities
 Crosscutting Themes
  • Strengthening the research-policy nexus in the implementation of the SDGs
  • Opportunities and Challenges in Quality (Rigorous) Impact Evaluations: Lessons from the academia and the field
  • Development Engineering: Training Global Engineers
  • Open science: an opportunity for the global south?
  • Heart Money – the role of venture capitalism in enabling social outcomes
  • Blockchain and the BoP: a disruptive technology for economic inclusion?
  • Development Engineering in the Private Sector
  • Building bridges among global high-tech hubs in the African context


Any one working in academia, research, development or practitioners who have technologies that might assist development.


Make online submission of abstracts here following the guidelines here 


Deadline for submission in on 5th January 2017.

If you would like to more details about this opportunity, visit this link.

If you want any support in application, post your question in the comment box below.

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Author: African Academic/Researcher

Science and Research by Africans for Africa

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